Drift Rays

Diploma works

Drift Rays
Drift ways
May you never stay in place
Twist and turn
Like a rock,
in a riverbed

Aluminium is light
Doesn’t easily corrode
It´s extracted from Bauxite,
Bauxite is a mineral, a rock.

Shape like a rock,
surface like an unquiet lake.
Hang like a cloud.
A rock in the sky.
Drifts with the wind,
Like the waves on water,
Reflects the rays of light.

Looking at the sculptures
I see them,
and the surroundings.
They are never, only them.

As an Artist,
I’m inspired by nature.
By the sky reaching trees,
the ever flowing rivers
and the solitude of rocks.
And especially water.
A surface that moves with the wind,
Shapes itself to any surface.
Is essential to life
And a quiet killer, of fools and folks.

I’m drawn to materials,
And techniques.
To the surface, the form,
the shape, the feel

Seeing and sensing
Sensing and seeing

Connecting to the material
through hands and tools
The sculpture is emerging from my hands
Like an organic form

It come into existence

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